Contract marketing partner that makes a difference

We are an external marketing team of independent growth marketing experts who can become an active member of your project.

We’ll help you build a growth marketing foundation to hit your goals until you’re ready to hire in-house.

Basically everything you’ll ever need to properly launch your product

Our Go To Market services for a Successful Launch

Identifying market opportunities, comparitive analysis of competitors and identification of the best segments to target.

Collection of insights using research methods to understand your target segments & creation of customer's journey.

Identification of the minimum viable segment and assistence in product optimisation for the selected target group.

Definition of value metric and UVP that answer how much your potential customers are willing to pay for your prouduct or service.

Defining teh USP base on positioning matrix, product features and pricing strategy in order to measure product-market fit (PMF).

Final phase is oriented on building channels, growth models & loops in a way to control and optimize word-of-mouth.

After successful market launch comes the need for rapid growth

Our Growth Marketing services for Rapid Growth

Long-term, full-funnel-focused growth through 5 phases which are Aquisition, Activation, Retantion, Referral and Revenue.

Lead-generating AI content strategy through blog posts, ebooks, videos, etc. that inform, eduate and interest your auidance.

Adding value to your target audiance by creating a community around your speciality through brand awareness.

We design. We implement. We deliver.

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