Core Team


Co-Founder, Marketing Director

His business path led him to the crypto space in 2018 where he took over the marketing department in a company that later became the highest-ranked educational crypto project in the world and a lead marketing role in the first web3 social impact crowdfunding platform. A strategic marketer with experience in digital marketing, content creation, and business development with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial studies from the School of Economics and Business. He also adopted a penguin.


Co-Founder, Design Director

An UI and UX designer with a BA in interior design, with several years of experience in different areas, such as marketing, organization, business, and management. A former head of the design department at a crypto company and also a former leader of the design team of TEDx Slovenia. Involved in the blockchain industry for about 4 years now, interested in All-Things-Blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies.


Co-Founder, Business Architect

Based on the development of his own business ideas, freelancing, and mentoring on various projects, he has developed a vast range of skills that intertwine between areas like growth marketing, product development, project management & corporate finance. The creativity and complexity of the projects are his biggest inner inspirations, to which he adds an army of micro-skills and set out to fight for great results. Inventor, Master of Economics, and father of two beautiful children.

Our Story

The Collaboration between Elvis, Nina, and Anej started in 2020 when they all ended up in the same crypto project. Given that everyone comes from their own industry, their knowledge was complemented. Elvis comes from the marketing industry, Nina is an experienced designer and manager, and Anej is a reputable businessman and mentor at numerous start-ups.

The idea for Up-Growth stems from our interest in crypto and the web3 world, in which we see many opportunities and untapped potential in good ideas that can shape our world in the future. By working together, we hope to give meaningful projects and motivated teams the opportunity to launch, scale, and expand their brand in the web3 space.

We decided to use the name Up-Growth because we provide clients with a growth strategy approach that aligns with their project’s vision. Our services are go-to-market strategy, brand identity and design, community building, content creation, market expansion strategy, and consulting.

We make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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