3 Steps To Scale Your Web3 Startup In 2023

If you’ve been motivated to launch a Web3 startup, you presumably already know how important communities are to the success of protocols. Indeed, several prominent founders launched their own businesses after spending years playing active roles in the growth of early crypto communities like those of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most projects still rely on their communities as their foundation, and they could not have developed without a thriving Web3 environment. Therefore, it is essential for the Web3 creators to create a vibrant developer community.

In the following, we will structure the process that we use as a permanent practice in our Up-Growth Marketing Agency. There are a variety of tactics you can use to market and expand your Web3 project, depending on your objectives and intentions.

We like to divide the process into 3 steps and develop unique techniques for each one (with an emphasis on Twitter as the main social network for reaching target audiences)

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Step 1: You need a great plan for the scale of your WEB3 startup

In order to produce constant revenue growth and avoid stall-points without adding a ton of additional expense and/or resources along the way, scaling growth involves developing your organization and business models in a way that is simply scaleable – from point 0!

Where to start?

➡️ Gather a good and motivated marketing team

Having a strong team is crucial for developing and expanding amazing products; ensure that your team is aware of your offering and is aware of the best ways to present it to clients.

➡️ Do market research and a good go-to-market strategy

There are numerous marketing methods available, but as the web3 field is still relatively undeveloped, it’s best to experiment with a few different ones and make improvements daily. No strategy is successful if you don’t do your homework: market research and testing on a daily basis.

➡️ Create content for 3 months in advance

Content creation is crucial, so make sure to produce clear, easily understandable material that sparks debates and involves your audience. Since creating content is tedious and takes time, it makes sense to prepare the content in advance and divide it into categories and different types of content, which makes testing easier.

Step 2: Become unique in your niche and drive traffic

➡️  Organic growth as a priority #1

Compared to big investments in brand recognition and lead generation, organic growth is more sustainable and long-term.

Those web3 projects that do not have large advertising budgets can devote their resources to publishing content that gets audiences excited, use the right hashtags, create visual content create or content series, run live events, etc..

➡️ Find influencers with compatible content

Don’t try to “use” influencers because they have devoted audiences; instead, focus on developing long-lasting relationships with them and with their followers by offering actual value.

➡️ Provide a budget based on the size of the project for Paid Ads

Paid advertisements can drive traffic but also cost a lot of money. Still, paid ads bring a huge number of advantages, among which they extend the reach of targeting, optimize the use of resources, increase brand recognition, and above all, enable better acquisition of follower data and detailed analytics.

➡️ Don’t miss Twitter Spaces Promotions

One of the better tactics to find new potential clients in WEB3 is to use Twitter spaces with projects that are similar to yours so that their audiences can find interest in your product.

➡️ AMAs and promotional events to better understand the expectations of your community

Using AMAs and community events, you may better engage with your community and learn from their opinions and inquiries.

➡️ Newsletter and Blog Articles 

Create a newsletter and attempt to use it intelligently. News and blog posts are a way to go deeper with your brand and the values you provide.

➡️ Ambassadors program  to influence the progress of the project

Rewards, privileges and unique status motivate the hottest community supporters of your Web3 project to promote your product on their social networks and closed groups that you don’t even know exist. Give your community’s most dedicated and active members the title of ambassador; they will gladly represent your company.

➡️ Giveaways to encourage social sharing

Givaways – ah, here we go again. They certainly contribute to a better virality of your content and a rapid  increase in the number of followers, clicks, likes… great exposure that does not necessarily bring quality leads, but giveaways are a must.

Step 3: Build a common space for sharing experiences within your community

➡️ AMA Twitter Spaces

Ask Me Anything (AMA) provides us with a platform to foster relationships. Startups work to improve the relationship between the executive office and the community. 

Having weekly AMAs provides a better insight into what the community needs, how it thinks, what would be changed. If the nature of the products is such that it satisfies what the customer needs (that is, a need), the AMA is a free gift of how to get the answer to that.

➡️ Due to its function, discord helps to collect leads and communicate directly with users

Another of the more open channels to recruit a potential user onto is Discord. It is regarded as one of the best spaces for direct communication with people, especially in the Web3 environment, because it is significantly more elaborate and covert.

➡️ Partnerships as an excellent indicator of project progress

Developing strategic partnerships can aid Web3 startups in expanding their audiences. In Web3, where entrepreneurs are developing solutions that are so novel, unique, and potentially game-changing that it can be challenging for them to position themselves in ways that make sense to the larger market, these partnerships are extremely important. The proper partner makes positioning much more manageable for entrepreneurs.


Finally, let us add that the entire roadmap of 3 steps is feasible provided that your project has a professional and experienced growth team, which must consist of a growth product manager, a growth engineer, a growth designer and a growth marketer

The rest can be outsourced.

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