From Go To Market Strategy to Rapid Growth

Launch & Grow a Web3, Crypto, eCommerce or SaaS project with the Up-Growth marketing team.

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We offer startupsscaleups and mid-sized businesses, to hire a team of marketing experts, which ensures the preparation and implementation of Go To Market & Growth Strategies, and work on a daily basis with your already existing marketing personnel.

We have experience from eCommerce to Web3, Crypto, NFT and SaaS projects.

Our service categories

Creating a thorough strategic plan that addresses every aspect of launching a new product or campaign in which we define all the crucial components that will ensure a successful roll-out.​

Creating and optimizing a brand’s visual identity that is tailored to your user persona and making design components and funnels to improve your UX and UI.​

Creating and optimizing a brand’s visual identity that is tailored to your user persona and making design components and funnels to improve your UX and UI.​

We do only things that are Testable, Trackable and Scalable

With such a methodological approach, we tackle user awareness and acquisition, regulate their interactions, rapidly grow the community and build hype around your brand.

Meet the Up-Growth

From product optimisation to growth



Based on the development of his own business ideas, freelancing, and mentoring on various projects, he has developed a vast range of skills that intertwine between areas like GTM strategy, growth marketing, product development, project management & corporate finance. The creativity and complexity of the projects are his biggest inner inspirations, to which he adds an army of micro-skills and set out to fight for great results. Inventor, Master of Economics, and father of two wonderful children.



His business path led him to the crypto space in 2018 where he took over the marketing department in a company that later became the highest-ranked educational crypto project in the world and a lead marketing role in the first web3 social impact crowdfunding platform. A growth marketer with experience in digital marketing, content creation, and business development with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial studies from the School of Economics and Business. He also adopted a penguin.

By hiring an new external marketing team, you give your project a boost for growth.

Benefits of hiring the Up-Growth marketing team

Our marketing services provide MORE


Cost-Effectiveness & Long-term Partnership

Reduce expenses with lower overheads, flexible pay-per-project, and no fixed salaries.


Specialized Skills and Expertise

Access diverse expertise, tailored niche strategies, and cutting-edge marketing solutions.


Scalability and Flexibility

Adapt quickly with scalable team sizes, responsive market strategies, and flexible resources.


Fresh Perspectives and Innovation

Inject creativity with unique insights, cross-industry experience, and innovative approaches.

Using innovative and experienced growth-oriented techniques, we offer growth marketing services to expand and growyour brand.

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